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"We are proud to have been chosen as a strategic partner by a rapidly growing number of world-leading Telcos and MSOs"

Frank Thorup, CEO, Xstream

In the over 14 years we have been in business, we have gained a great deal of expertise, particularly from developing solutions for the technologically advanced Scandinavian market. During this time, we have grown rapidly, and our client list has expanded to include many world-leading Telcos, cable operators, broadcasters and media companies.

"We’re delighted to partner up with a company like Xstream who truly understands the complicated OTT/TV Everywhere ecosystem. Xstream offers more than just an online video platform/video CMS, they offer a cloud based platform with a wide palette of capabilities and features that we see as cost-effective and flexible. Importantly, Xstream MediaMaker™ is proven and future-proof, enabling us to build a platform we can grow and develop with as we move forward in a rapidly evolving market place. We need to stay ahead of the game and are relying on Xstream to help us do exactly that.”

Simon Hoegsbro, Launch Director, Lightbox

More on the Lightbox service


Lightbox is an OTT SVOD service offering viewers thousands of hours of insanely good TV. The service can be used across multiple devices, including laptop, desktop, iPad and Airplay on Apple TV. Xstream MediaMaker™ is the back end engine behind the service and Xstream has had a leading role in creating the OTT SVOD service.

Key features

Xstream MediaMaker™ including key modules such as:

  • Ingest module
  • Shop & Payment module
  • Assets & Device Management
  • Playready & Widevine DRM
  • OTT loading dock service
  • Advanced Voucher integration & functionality
  • Advanced parental control

Integration with third party systems, including:

  • Gracenote for metadata
  • Technicolor for assets
  • IP Payments 
  • Mandrill for e-mails
  • Amazon for hosting 
  • Akamai for CDN 
  • Accedo for frontend apps

"The fact that Fuhu Inc. the fastest growing company in the US, has chosen Xstream and our professional video management platform, Xstream MediaMaker™, to build their next generation OTT video and Live TV service on their popular Nabi Tablets, is a huge recognition.”

Frank Thorup, CEO, Xstream

More on FUHU's cooperation with Xstream

MediaMaker enables Fuhu Inc. to manage their new OTT service with Video-On-Demand and Live TV content on their Nabi tablets.

“By partnering with Xstream, we are able to expand the success of our online film service."

Thomas van de Weerd, Managing Director, Pathé Thuis

More on how Pathé can stream with total security

Pathé is the world's longest established film company, continental Europe's leading cinema exhibitor, with over 1000 screens in France, The Netherlands and Switzerland. Pathé THUIS is the company’s online video service, offering premium HD quality movies on multiple devices. Pathé wanted a digital rights management solution for their OTT service, Pathé Thuis.

Drawing on our Certified Widevine Integration Partner status, we created and installed an advanced DRM solution for all mobile devices. This allows Pathé to stream without risk with studio approved DRM technology Google Widevine and enabling Pathé THUIS to increase the amount of high-quality premium video content on multiple devices in direct response to their consumer demand.

Key features

  • Based on Widevine encryption for all mobile devices
  • Uses some of the world’s most advanced encryption technologies
  • Works on iOS and Android
  • Includes software components, integration and technical support


“MediaMaker is as simple, future-proof and intuitive as it gets. The platform's module based architecture makes it easy for us to grow, change and adapt.”

Morten Berge, Director on Demand Operations, Canal Digital

More on the Canal Digital Go! TV Everywhere service


Canal Digital wanted a TV Everywhere service, allowing customers to rent films and TV series on any connected platform.

We created a complete end-to-end solution using MediaMaker. Entitled ‘Canal Digital GO!’, this delivers video-on-demand and live TV content to connected platforms, across the Nordic countries

Key features of the solution

  • Integrates with Canal Digital’s CMS systems (including third-party systems)
  • Includes apps for Connected TV and Set-top-boxes
  • Tracks individual customer behavior
  • Enables management of products, prices and vouchers
  • Delivers seamless, automated deployment and workflow 
  • Now also includes Flow TV

“As an Xstream client you can really be active in the development of the solution and get to enjoy the benefits of a tailored system.” Einar Kristian Vågmo, Product Manager, Telenor

More on how Telenor is taking over-the-top to a new level with Comoyo

Telenor wanted to set a new standard in the delivery of Over-The-Top-Content OTT with the creation of Comoyo.

Our MediaMaker system is the basis of the Comoyo platform. It allows the company’s customers in Denmark and Norway to access a wide choice of state-of-the-art content from wherever they want. Recently launched, the service has already won a number of awards and will soon be rolled out to other countries
Key features:

  • Delivers video content, metadata, trailers and video-commercials
  • Integrates fully with Comoyo’s customer database
  • Handles DRM licensing
  • Smoothes and simplifies workflow
  • Integrated Shop & Payment solution

“We promise our customers we will be first. Xstream helped us keep our promise with a state-of-the-art video on demand solution, which we – and our customers are delighted with.” Jarle Johnsen, Head of Services Platforms, Altibox

More on how Altibox pioneered the first TV Everywhere service in Norway

Altibox wanted to be the first company in Norway to create a TV Everywhere solution for their customers.


We created a TV Everywhere solution for Altibox, which is named Altibox Chill. This allows the company’s customers to access their wide selection of on-demand and Flow TV on all enabled platforms. MediaMaker is the video management system behind the service.
Key features:

  • Provides advanced media assets management
  • Encrypts content
  • Automates workflows
  • Enables management of user accounts, payment and product and pricing models
  • Catch up live TV
  • VOD and Flow TV

“MediaMaker is one of the most complete end-to-end OTT platforms we’ve seen in the market, including everything one need to create a complete OTT solution like an in-built Shop and Payment module, DRM, ingest module and a remarkable flexibility”. Nicolas Declercq, Manager Interactive Media, SBS Belgium

More on how SBS Belgium and Xstream work together

SBS Belgium, one of Belgium’s major broadcasters, wanted to create a VOD service on the web and for mobile devices. The solution needed to be flexible enabling SBS to integrate with various third party solutions. SBS also needed a proven video management system enabling them create, manage and monetize on various business models. As content ingestion is time consuming and often difficult, SBS required a solution offering an automated ingest service – a solution to combine the best technologies and minimize the need for human resources.


We created a complete VOD solution available on PC/Mac and iOS devices for SBS Belgium. The VOD service is named Meer! The customized VOD solution includes key modules for an automated and flexible solution, such as Shop and Payment enabling SBS Belgium to optimize revenue by creating and managing customer accounts, campaigns, products & product bundles, prices and vouchers.

Key features

  • Shop & Payment module: Enables management of products, prices and vouchers
  • Ingest module: enable content ingestion from multiple providers, delivers seamless, automated deployment and workflow 
  • Widevine DRM for secure content delivery on iOS and PC/Mac
  • Integrates with Ogone and Instandpay for payment and InThePocket for front end and apps
  • Tracks individual customer behavior
  • Belgacom CDN for Content delivery in Belgium


“Thanks to Xstream, today we possess a highly flexible and customized system. They have fulfilled all our needs – and then some.”

Jørgen Larsen, Chief Development Officer,, SBS
More on how generate new revenue streams from content

SBS TV are a part of Europe's second biggest television company, covering 77 million households in 13 countries in Europe. They wanted to leverage more revenue from their content rights, and attract a larger audience, by moving beyond linear TV.

We built an entirely new online video portal with MediaMaker. Named ‘NUTV’, this carries movies, live football matches and a variety of other content to customers across Denmark. Since it was introduced, the company has enjoyed significant growth.

Key features:

  • Integrates with DIBS billing system  (including third-party systems)
  • Enables management of products, prices, customers, banners, subscriptions and more
  • Delivers seamless, automated deployment and workflow

“The Connected TV app Xstream created for us, which forms a key part of our web-TV news solution, was a world-first: it has been a great asset for our business.”

Jørgen Schultz-Nielsen, Online Editor, Jyllands Posten
More on Jyllands-Posten’s pioneering web-TV solution

Jyllands-Posten wanted to attract new customers by delivering news through dynamic online media, as well as their newspaper.

In 2002, Jyllands-Posten created their own customized web-TV station, using MediaMaker. Since then, they have evolved the system to take advantage of changing conditions. Now one of the best-known news services in the country, it delivers content to a variety of platforms.
Key features:

  • Includes Connected TV app – added in 2012, the first to be available on Samsung devices worldwide
  • Handles media management, media scheduling, distribution, publishing content and much more
  • Offers comprehensive suite of social sharing features, via Twitter, Facebook and Linked In
  • Integrates with CMS, Escenic, VideoPlaza, Adtech and a HTML5 and Flash player
  • Automates workflow for maximum efficiency
  • Analyses user behavior

"MediaMaker – the 15 minute video management system – no other solution offers that kind of usability and flexibility."  Arve Bremseth, Development Manager, Polaris Media

More on how Polaris Media broadcasts news with advanced Web-TV

Independent media group Polaris Media is listed on the Norwegian stock exchange and owns 30 newspapers. The organization wished to incorporate a web-TV Player onto several of their sites, notably those of Adresseavisen, HTG, Sunnmørsposten, Trønderbladet, Fjordenes Tidende and Folkebladet. To achieve this, they needed a complete online video management system, which they specified should use a minimum of human resources.

We developed a cutting-edge online video management system, based on MediaMaker, which manages content and publishes it online. Thanks to seamless integration with their CMS, it is simple to run and works very rapidly.

The solution is built around a Flash Player for their site and an HTML5 Player for iOS devices. Both players are integrated with VideoPlaza – creating numerous new opportunities for monetization – and enable live streaming.

Furthermore, the sophisticated Engagement Analytics module in the solution tracks viewer behavior - providing a valuable stream of strategic insights.

Key features:

  • Standard Flash Player
  • Baseline HTML5 Player
  • External Upload
  • External Ad Integration
  • Replace Media
  • Live Management
  • Advertising
  • Engagement Analytics

"For years, MediaMaker has been the engine behind many of the national and local newspapers in the Schibsted group."

Philip Bronsztejn, Chief Operations Officer, Xstream

More on how Schibsted got an online video solution for all their newspapers

When Schibsted had to choose which online video platform to use on their newspapers' websites, some of the decisive key factors were usability and manageability. It was important for all the papers and the journalists, who worked there, that the solution was simple to use, so too much time wouldn't be wasted on content upload and administration.

Xstream has developed four solutions for Schibsted that makes it easy for the users to watch the stories online in short video clips. All four solutions are individually customized web-TV news stations, where MediaMaker is used for media management, media scheduling, distribution and much more. Schibsted's MediaMaker solutions are made for web as well as for iOS with several integrations to third-party systems, such as their website CMS, which limits the need for human resources, and the Videoplaza’s Karbon Platform, which allows pre-, post- and midroll commercials in every video.

Schibsted is an international media group and their present activities are related to media products and rights in the field of newspapers, television, multimedia, mobile services etc. Schibsted has ownership in the biggest newspapers in Norway, and Xstream has made solution for four of these. The papers are; Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende, Stavanger Aftenblad and Fædrelandsvennen

"With more than 1 million unique users every month, Filmweb is the leading online video portal for trailers in Norway, a really cool client to work with"

Kasper Schlundt, Sales Manager EMEA, Xstream

More on how Filmweb became the leading online video portal of trailers in Norway

Filmweb is the leading online video portal of trailers in Norway, and operates as an IT company for the cinema and broadcasters industry in Norway.

Filmweb needed a platform to show all their trailers on, a platform where the same content could be used for several independent websites. An important feature for Filmweb when choosing an online video platform was that the solution had to be easy-to-use and contribute to ease and automate workflows, so that Filmweb could focus on content and not the time consuming processing and technology.

Filmweb decided to use Xstream’s Online Video Platform, MediaMaker, to encode, manage, distribute to all platforms, syndicate, track viewers engagement per video and category, most seen trailers, media scheduling and much more.

With more than 1 million unique users every month, Filmweb is the leading online video portal for trailers in Norway. Filmweb has been using Xstream’s online video platform since 2008 to stream their content out on all kind of platforms. Filmweb is using MediaMaker for media management assets, encoding, distribution and hosting on more than 80 independent websites.

"Politiken has a very sophisticated web-tv player. The Flash player with Widevine DRM playback is making it easier than ever to set up business models using pay-walls".

Andrew Bulatovic Schumer, Senior IT Project Manager, Xstream

More on how Xstream made an easy-to-use-and-manage solution for Politiken

Usability and manageability were some of the factors that were most important to Politiken, when they wanted to make a web-TV channel on their existing news site It was important for the newspaper and the journalists, who worked there that the solution was simple to use, so they wouldn’t have to spend too much time on content upload and administration.

By using MediaMaker for media management, media scheduling, distribution, analyzing, publishing content and much more, Politiken created their own web-tv station with several customized features. Among other things Politiken has a custom made Flash Player with a custom design and end splash. Politiken now has a solution with multiple integrations to third-party systems such as their website CMS and VideoPlaza, which makes it easy for Politiken to administrate their content. Furthermore they have a Flash and HTML5 player with Dynamic Streaming for streaming on more platforms.

To limit the need of human resources and optimize their workflow, Politiken has integrated their editorial CMS system, Escenic, to MediaMaker, where Metadata from Politiken’s MediaMaker is directly imported to their CMS. If the content is created in their CMS, MediaMaker automatically export metadata to the relevant article.

Additionally, Xstream has integrated Videoplaza to Politiken’s player on the web and on their HTML5 Player.

Based on the MediaMaker Online Video Platform, Politiken is able to deliver a customized viewing experience across multiple platforms, as well as easily integrate third-party ad networks to create new revenue opportunities for advertisers. With the ability to integrate with third-party ad networks, Politiken has the opportunity to include pre-roll, post rolls, spot ads and banner ads that offer advertising partners a video-viewing audience to monetize from.

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