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“The idea behind Xstream MediaMaker™ is simple:
if you have content, we’ll do the rest!” Olivier Gerey-Bak, Technical Sales Director, Xstream 

Offering industry-leading flexibility, scalability and usability, modular Xstream MediaMaker™ allows you to ingest, manage, monetize, encrypt, encode and deliver state-of-the art Internet TV to any connected device.

The preferred choice of leading Telcos, cable operators, broadcasters and media companies, Xstream MediaMaker™ offers a unique suite of value-adding benefits. For instance, it is the only video management system to offer total customizability and an integrated Shop and Payment module.

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The ultimate end-to-end solution for OTT and TV Everywhere businesses

Compared to other solutions, Xstream MediaMaker™ is easier to use, includes more advanced tools and functions, ensures a smoother, automated workflow, and integrates better with any third-party systems. No other video management system offers more comprehensive features.

Key features:

  • Modular architecture – ensures a compromise-free, fully customizable solution
  • Flexible design – evolves to meet changing conditions
  • Intelligent software – manages media assets and business models
  • Smart automation – smoothes workflow from ingest to playout
  • Proven technology – guarantees reassuringly reliable performance
  • Seamless integration – works seamlessly with third-party management systems
  • Next generation tools – provide smarter ways to monetize content
  • Peerless viewer experience – delivers HD quality streaming and slick players


Xstream MediaMaker™ delivers to all devices:

Xstream proudly presents the latest version of our video management system, Xstream MediaMaker™ 8.0.

Xstream MediaMaker™ 8 is an award winning turnkey OTT platform designed to automate complex processes end-to-end, accelerate time to market, simplify supply chain management and optimize merchandising and monetization - offering Network operators, broadcasters, media & content owners the opportunity to expand, scale and grow their Internet TV offerings with a personalized and relevant viewing experience across any device in multiple countries and regions, all managed from one easy to use platform.  

Available both as a cloud service and as on-premise operation, Xstream MediaMaker™ 8 comes with a wealth of new features and out-of-box functionalities and is designed to empower operators to securely monetize their content, offer end-users a personalized and powerful viewing experience of live and on-demand content, to make content operations simpler and fully automated, resulting in reduced cost and churn, quality issues and time delays.

Download the Xstream MediaMaker™ 8 pdf for more information & an overview of the new features, tools and services included in the extensible version 8 of Xstream MediaMaker™. 



An award-winning solution backed by award-winning support

Xstream MediaMaker™ is backed by client-dedicated teams who, drawing on our over 15 years’ experience, offer top-quality 24/7 support. These manned by the same colleagues who have helped Xstream to win several awards for quality of service.
In a class of its own: Xstream MediaMaker™ offers a simpler, smarter, smoother workflow.


Download the Xstream MediaMaker™ workflow

– it has never been easier to connect with content providers and broadcast systems

Xstream MediaMaker™’s powerful Ingest module allows you to ingest different metadata and video formats from multiple sources with benchmark efficiency.
Key functionalities
  • Support push and pull procedures
  • Ingest from multiple providers
  • Monitor every stage of the ingest process
  • Process images 
  • Quality control video
  • Manage transformation
  • Enable iOS Segmentation
  • Transmuxing
  • DRM


Xstream MediaMaker™ Ingest moduleXstream MediaMaker™ & Conax Contego Unite™

– no system is more user-friendly or efficient for managing content

The innovative Media Management module in Xstream MediaMaker™ allows you to simply manage all your streaming on-demand content, as well as the live streaming channels you may have activated. Offering a very user-friendly UI, it makes accessing other modules and controlling your entire workflow easy and efficient. Consequently, it can be used to ensure HR costs are kept to a minimum, while content is handled and distributed according to your specific standards.
Xstream MediaMaker™ Domain moduleXstream MediaMaker™ Device Management

– more tools for monetizing content means more revenue streams 

The only video management system to offer such an advanced integrated Shop module, Xstream MediaMaker™ enables you to easily create and control business models on all platforms. Thanks to its outstanding usability and superb third-party integration, it's the ideal tool for monetizing content – and turning visitors into customers.  
Key Functionalities
  • Manage products, pricing, campaigns and promotions
  • Analyze shop engagement
  • Integrate with existing CRM and billing system
  • Integrate with different payment providers
Xstream MediaMaker™ Monetize module

– the industry's most advanced analytical tools are a powerful advantage

Xstream MediaMaker™'s Video Analytics and Usage Analytics modules give you a detailed overview – in a very easy to work with format – of viewer behavior and content usage trends and costs. For instance, Xstream MediaMaker™ identifies viewing trends and shows you how your viewers engage with different content on different devices. Consequently, it enables you to consistently optimize the cost-efficiency of your solution – while ensuring the best possible return on your video assets.

– state-of-the-art players and HD quality deliver an outstanding customer experience

With Xstream MediaMaker™ you can integrate multiple CDNs – so you can deliver as much content as you want, when you want, how you want – whether you wish to deliver Live Stream or Video on Demand. And you can enable dedicated Media Hosting for whole distributing your content in state-of-the art HD quality.

Xstream MediaMaker™ gives you the freedom to choose the player that best fits your business model. The choice includes: a new API Flash player, Silverlight Smooth Streaming player or HTML5 player. Importantly, all offer excellent integration with third-party systems and social media sharing, as well as collecting statistics.


– to any connected device, anytime, anywhere with benchmark efficiency and reliability

Apps for Connected TVs
Xstream MediaMaker™ ensures you can maximize revenue by enabling you to stream premium quality content to the devices that best suit your business model. Plus, with Xstream, you also get a choice of fully customizable tailored apps or a white-label one-size-fits-all app for set-top-boxes, Connected TVs and Consoles – which all offer proven performance and seamless integration with legacy technology.
Xstream MediaMaker™ puts your business at the cutting-edge of TV by enabling you to connect to your customers, whatever connected device they may be using. So whether they are using a set-top-box, gaming console, Connected TV, PC, Mac, iPad or Android tablet, or any other connected device, you can reach out to them – with state-of-the-art quality content and slick players.
Download Xstream Apps for Connected Devices PDF

“Xstream MediaMaker™ is as simple, future-proof and intuitive as it gets. The platform’s module based architecture makes it easy for us to grow, change and adapt.”

Morten Berge, Director on Demand Operations, Canal Digital



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