The Supply Chain Challenge

Operators, broadcasters and networks face a massive increase in the volume and complexity of the media they have to schedule, ingest, QC, add rich metadata, DRM, playout and package for non- linear and OTT delivery. Managing studios, conforming specs and metadata formats and ingesting clean, normalized packages into OVP/CMS can be daunting, time consuming, operationally intensive and ultimately jeopardize both the market launch and the budget.

Patent pending MediaMaker Loading Dock are ideally suited to enhance multi-channel playout systems required to streamline and automate playout workflows, increase their speed to market while at the same time reducing cost and expanding consumer reach on multiple devices

iMac Loading dock dashboard

Cutting-edge content supply chain management tool

MediaMaker Loading Dock is a cutting-edge content supply chain management tool designed to solve all the complex challenges in the content supply chain, including; continuously varying distributor requirements, support for large amounts of content, fragmented supply chain vendor deliveries, ensuring quality of assets (Video and metadata), bridging the gap between legacy STB/IPTV and OTT / TVE, screening and rating of assets for parental control and reducing the cost and time spent managing assets and ingest.

MediaMaker Loading Dock is a supply chain orchestration tier, which enables broadcasters and operators to drop their studio licensed titles into a workflow which then manages asynchronous order management and fulfillment, enabling them to automate as much of their content operations and ingest workflow as possible allowing them to go from studio license deal to well conformed ingest package through a fully automated workflow.

Automate complex Internet TV workflow

MediaMaker Loading Dock allows operators and broadcasters to automate their Internet TV supply chain, gain visibility into the state of orders through each entity and fully automate the packaging, DRM and ingest into Xstream MediaMakerâ„¢ or a third party OVP.


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