Monetize- more tools for monetizing content means more revenue streams

MediaMaker Store comes with a comprehensive toolkit of monetization features empowering content owners, broadcasters and operators to maximize their business potential by offering a rich and flexible toolkit of monetization opportunities, reporting, including royalty reporting and a wealth of functionalities to retain, attract and monetize viewers and subscribers, creating effective and powerful marketing campaigns – driving revenue for service providers.

Maximize the value of your content with MediaMaker Store that supports multiple countries, currencies, languages and customer groups managed efficiently in one place. With flexible product pricing and lifecycle availability any content or bundle can be offered to the market. MediaMaker Store supports monetization models as e.g. Pay-TV, SVOD, TVOD, FVOD or any combination hereof.

Flexible Business Models with Powerful Insight

Xstream MediaMaker™ Store offers an unmatched suite of features for turning visitors into customers, and maximizing the profitability of your Internet TV service. MediaMaker Store enables you to easily create and control business models on all platforms and domains. Thanks to its outstanding usability and superb third-party integration, it’s the ideal tool for monetization content – and turning visitors into customers while also minimizing costly investment and ongoing overhead so you can focus on entertaining your customers with premium content.

MediaMaker Store makes it simple to build a product and payment structure, create vouchers, handle digital rights management (DRM) and manage orders. Characterized by superb third-party integration, it effortlessly integrates with existing billing and CRM systems, as well as credit card payment and SMS payment providers.


MediaMaker Store Key Features:

  • Manage payment options e.g. credit card, billing, SMS payment, coupons & vouchers
  • Create and manage product and pricing models, TVOD, SVOD, AVOD or Pay-Per-View & Live
  • Create and manage gift vouchers & coupons easily with a comprehensive easy to use step-by-step wizard.
  • Manage recurring payment (Flat rate/Subscription VOD)
  • Handle Digital Rights Management (DRM) (Widevine, PlayReady & Conax Contego DRM)
  • Manage user accounts and access
  • Editorial management of e.g. carousel banners, sections highlighted, content categories, associated web pages and relevant recommendations.
  • Household management with multiple profiles for users as well as parental rating that can be used to restrict access to any content.
  • Bundle video content for different audiences and/or country/domain by category, such as series, trilogies, genres, etc.
  • Overview of customer behavior and order history
  • Scale your solution to multiple domains or countries
  • View MediaMaker Store analytics. Examples of shop analytics: – Turnover per product, category and period – Sales per product, category and period
  • Device Management is empowering Internet TV solutions with an extensive set of rules to protect and control the access to media streams from whatever device, anytime, via an easy to use interface as well as an extensive set of easy integratable API’s.

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Taking advantage of the robust DRM technologies Xstream has to offer, you’ll be able to create and offer a service where your consumers can download movies onto their preferred device in real-time – a great ad-on offer your consumers will value.

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