Xstream MediaMaker – End-to-End OTT Cloud Platform

Xstream’s MediaMaker is an Over-the-Top (OTT) TV and Video Cloud platform through which operators, broadcasters, media companies and content owners across the world seamlessly ingest, manage, monetize and distribute their content across all networks and devices.

With its three modules Loading Dock, Store and Play, Xstream MediaMaker provides all functionalities needed for a profitable OTT business: Content Ingestion, Monetization and End-user Experience. For you, this means minimum investment into additional components and external system integrations.

The solution, deployed in the cloud or on-premise, combines managed service model and pay-as-you-grow pricing, enabling you a profitable business from day one.


MediaMaker Loading Dock

Adaptive and Automated Content Ingestion


MediaMaker Store

Rich and Customizable Content Monetization


MediaMaker Play

Unified Experience Created Once for All Devices

New on MediaMaker – Live OTT Video Streaming

Xstream’s Live OTT Video Streaming tool is an extension of the end-to-end MediaMaker OTT cloud platform and provides a complete set of live content monetization scenarios: Live channel streaming, Live event streaming, Live stream to video-on-demand conversion (Live to VOD) and Video-on-demand to live stream conversion (VOD to Live).

MediaMaker Key Advantages

Customer Engagement Tool


The Customer Engagement Tool enables service providers to boost subscriber acquisition, speed up conversion into paying customers and to lengthen their customer retention time, which means faster and more sustained revenue and higher video profits. It collects end-user viewing information and enables service providers to automate targeted and personalised customer engagement campaigns through email, SMS and the social media.

OTT Business Analytics


OTT Business Analytics solution brings all OTT business performance indicator data from multiple sources on a single, intuitive business intelligence dashboard. The increasing number of new applications and devices make data silos a growing challenge for OTT businesses. Through OTT Business Analytics service providers are now better equipped to make accurate business decisions faster.

Start Faster with an End-to-End Cloud Solution

MediaMaker delivers all functionalities from Ingest to Monetization and to User-experience with minimum additional solution components and integrations.

Increase Profitability through Smooth Scalability

The smooth scalability from XXS to XXL provides you exactly the capacity and functionalities you need at all times.

Maximize Revenue through Superior Monetization Capabilities

MediaMaker Store combines a rich set of features for merchandizing, marketing and bundling of content with high customizability

Reduce Supply Chain Costs by Adaptive and Automated Ingest Management

The unique adaptive content ingestion workflow process combined with full automation saves worktime and reduces ingest process failures.

Optimize Worldwide User Experience through Multi-CDN

MediaMaker connects with any and many CDN providers and provides flexible manual routing and context-aware, automated routing.

Maximize your addressable subscriber base through Multi-DRM

Xstream’s multi-DRM solution enables a seamless video experience on any device in any location, regardless of the DRM in use.

Create Custom-Branded Video Experience Once for All Devices

MediaMaker Play provides a unique UX framework software stack through which it is easy to develop custom user experiences and functionalities once for all devices and platforms.

“Xstream has met all our rigorous demands for high-quality and exibility. Their cloud based video management system, Xstream MediaMaker, is one of the most complete and exible OTT platforms we’ve seen in the market, including everything one need to create and manage a complete OTT solution.”

– Mike McMahon, CTO at Spark New Zealand’s OTT service, Lightbox.


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