MediaMaker Loading Dock in Short

The sheer quantity and diversity of different content sources is increasing rapidly, which increases the complexity and cost of ingest and supply chain management. Different quality levels of content and metadata, various file formats, DRM types, players and codes require different ingest process workflows. The “one size fits all” ingest process doesn’t work anymore.

Xstream MediaMaker Loading Dock provides capabilities for managing the ever-increasing complexity of video content supply. Loading Dock provides a unique adaptive and automated ingest workflow process which removes the need for manual work and adapts to the varying requirements of different content sources. The fully adaptive and automated ingestion saves your costs by freeing up resources and reducing ingestion failures.

Key Advantages

Adaptive Ingestion Reduces Content Supply Chain Costs


MediaMaker Loading Dock provides a unique Adaptive ingestion workflow process which consists of several parallel ingest workflows, each customized specifically to the requirements of a content source. For the operator, Xstream’s adaptive ingest solution provides lower supply chain costs through simplified management.

Fully Automated Ingestion Saves Operational Costs and Reduces Failures


Xstream Loading Dock provides a fully automated ingest process. It runs without human interaction and delivers a notification upon a detection of error or receipt of bad content and consequently releases operators’ personnel for other tasks.

Multi-DRM Maximizes Your Addressable Subscriber Base


Xstream is a Microsoft PlayReady Service Provider, a Certified Widevine Integration Partner (CWIP) and is able to prepare content and deliver licenses for Apple Fairplay DRM. As a result, the Xstream multi-DRM solution enables a seamless video experience on any device, in any location, regardless of the DRM in use. The DRM is end-to-end integrated with the MediaMaker solution from asset management to the Store module.

Smooth Scalability Ensures Always Profitable VOD Business


MediaMaker Loading Dock provides smooth scalability from small to large, enabling operators to operate their VOD business always with heathy profitability.

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