Xstream MediaMaker Play in Short

MediaMaker Play is the ultimate user-interface front-end solution delivering a custom-branded video and TV service experience for end-users providing a unified look and feel on every screen, device and platform.

MediaMaker Play is available on HTML5, Flash and Silverlight technologies, supports playback on multiple streaming protocols, provides integration to an operator’s front-end applications and manages DRM in a multi-device setting.

It provides a unique UX framework software stack through which it is easy to create end-to-end and top-to-down customized user-experience and functionalities once for all devices.

MediaMaker Play Key Advantages

UX Framework for Developing Custom-Experience Once for All Devices

The unique UX framework software stack on MediaMaker Play provides feeds, APIs and other development tools through which you, or Xstream’s design and development team, create an end-to-end and top-to-down customized user-experience and functionalities once for all devices.

End-to-End User Management from Authentication to Profile Selection

Xstream MediaMaker Play provides a customizable management framework for user authentication, log-in and profile selection methods, including lost password handling and an integration with an existing authentication mechanism. For entitlement and parental control MediaMaker Play front-end supports age rating and restriction for channels and assets.

Flexible Payment and Billing Alternatives

Xstream MediaMaker connects to any billing mechanism through the back-end integration on the MediaMaker Store module. Several optional, user-selected payment channels such as credit cards, SMS and invoicing are supported.

In-Built Content Promotion, Discovery and Recommendation

Xstream MediaMaker Play provides several tools for content promotion. As an example, manually configurable “hotspot” banners of promoted assets and many other functionalities to increase discovery of relevant content through promotion and recommendations.

How to Create Unified and Branded Experiences – Download MediaMaker Solution Description!