MediaMaker Store in Short

Efficient content monetization is key in today’s highly competed OTT TV and Video markets! New OTT competitors emerge every day and customers switch from a service provider to another as new offers pop-up.

MediaMaker Store provides a rich and highly customizable monetization capabilities for all your content types such as SVOD, AVOD, TVOD and LiveTV. Its highly customizable merchandising and marketing functionalities include various campaigning models, vouchers, coupons, trial periods and bundling capabilities. Its unique multi-domain structure means that you can promote, present and monetize each content asset in different ways for different regions, brands and customer segments.

MediaMaker Store Key Advantages

Flexible Metadata Maximizes the Potential of Your Content

Xstream MediaMaker Store provides an extremely flexible metadata management model including all the commonly required fields with a high degree of customization possibilities. Thanks to its multi-domain capability a single video asset can be described in several languages, or placed on multiple shops with different metadata with domain specific availability periods, including device platform specific versions.

Increase Sales Through Custom Multi-Asset Products

MediaMaker Store provides easy tools for AVOD, SVOD and TVOD product creation. Any asset can be associated with a product on the MediaMaker Store, or automatically at the ingestion. Products can be configured with custom characteristics on the bundle level, or individually on a per asset basis. Also, different characteristics can be defined for different domains such as countries, brands and customer segments.

Billing and Payment Off-the-Shelf Solution

Xstream MediaMaker allows billing through several global and local payment providers, for all the commonly used payment methods: Credit card, SMS, invoicing and online bank. The payment method can be chosen by the user. Xstream MediaMaker allows payments with vouchers and through pre-paid and post-paid billing.

Rich Set of Promotional Tools

The Xstream MediaMaker Store boosts your subscriber take-off through a rich set of promotional tools such as vouchers and coupons, all enabled for both pre-paid and post-paid billing. MediaMaker Store allows you to create campaigns, associate products to them, generate vouchers and coupons to promote specific content in several flexible ways.

Multiple Customer Database Implementation Alternatives

MediaMaker Store provides an interface to access customer and order data from any third party system. MediaMaker Store and the entitlements can be synchronized with an external system. Xstream MediaMaker only requires a minimal amount of user data if integrated with a third party authorization service. The inbuilt user database on MediaMaker allows fast service deployment.

Custom Advertisement Support Capabilities

Xstream MediaMaker supports VPAID, VAST and MAST integration with several third party ad providers. Ad integrations support pre-roll, post-roll and multiple mid-roll advertisement models. Xstream provides SDK integration for HTML5 and Flash players.

Maximize Monetization Through Easy Store Customizability

On MediaMaker everything can be customized to fit your needs. However, the Store module also comes with a variety of out-of-the-box options typically needed for OTT Video and TV services. Creating new products in Xstream MediaMaker Store is simple and takes just a handful of minutes. The domain based customization and the simple product creation together minimize the lead time to launch new offers.

Content Discovery and Recommendation Solutions Increase Stickiness

In a world with thousands of videos available, the viewers’ challenge is to find something relevant to watch. The MediaMaker Store user interface provides several options to promote, curate and to compile content into recommendation playlists. Search, filtering and content marking using favorites and watch lists facilitate discovery of relevant content. Sub-accounts (kids, parents) further increase relevancy.



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