The Nordic Region – Internet TV Early Adopters

In the Nordics, internet TV watching is now as widespread as watching traditional TV and 2 out of 3 are streaming. Among the young part of the population almost everybody watches online TV and streaming has become more common than traditional TV watching. Furthermore, the Nordics increasingly tend to use other devices while watching TV.

Scandinavia is a hothouse for the development and adoption of digital technologies. High levels of investment in R&D, a design heritage which emphasizes functionality and simplicity and openness to innovation have made the Nordics home to one of the world’s foremost digital industries.

The digital revolution came early to the Nordic region. A region that is not only comfortable with next-generation technology, but have had more than 10 years of experience in understanding how it impacts on consumer behaviour, rights issues and the challenges of piracy. It is also a region that operates in a brutally competitive market, where budgets are small but the expectations of their sophisticated and well-educated audiences high. That makes the region an interesting test ground for new ideas, on the basis that if a show can make it up in the Nordics, it can make it anywhere.

The Nordics open and innovative culture has lead it to be one of the most developed video on demand markets in the world, and the implications for content providers looking to differentiate themselves in this region. Furthermore, the willingness to embrace new models along with a strong infrastructure and good integration between countries and large online audience has resulted in Scandinavia becoming a key region for US streaming services looking to gain a foothold in the European VOD market.

Scandinavia’s high levels of digital innovation and openness to subscription based models for content has made it into a key market for SVOD in Europe. The simple proposition offered by the likes of Spotify and Netflix greatly appeals to younger audiences in particular as a legitimate alternative to piracy when it comes to accessing the latest big US TV series.

Nordic Media Summit – State of the Internet TV industry
At Nordic Media Summit on September 29th in Copenhagen, we’ll take a look at the trends, technologies, user behavior and innovations shaping the internet TV industry in the Nordics and beyond. With a phenomenal speaker line-up, featuring a stellar line-up of C-level speakers form the likes of Spotify, Google, Verizon, Lionsgate, Nordisk Film/ Egmont, Telenor, IHS Markit, BBC Worldwide, HTC and many more. Nordic Media Summit is recognized by industry professionals as one of the most important events in the OTT calendar. Learn more about the Summit, see who’s attending, the agenda and more at