OTT Taking Center Stage

The television experience is changing before our eyes and morphing to fit today’s viewers and their viewing habits. The on-the-go, always-connected consumer is driving cultural changes in content consumption that fundamentally impact how companies connect with and engage consumers. These behavioral changes combined with the shift towards mobile-based consumer experiences are disrupting traditional business models while at the same time paving the way for newer opportunities for technology, media and entertainment companies to adapt and evolve.

This solo viewing trend suggests that content and advertising will become edgier, more particularized and even more incomprehensible to people outside the group consuming it. A key ingredient to success in OTT today is to establish a one-to-one relationship with consumers and deliver personalized content – turning your viewers, not only into loyal subscribers, but into fans.

Creating fans: active users united by shared ideas, interests, and experiences, who will return every day to your brands and properties, will enable you to know your users better and monetize smarter. As a fan-centric business, buoyed by the loyalty of passionate users, you will command substantial strategic advantages. You will know more about who your users are, what they want, and how to deliver what they want. This will enable you to monetize your service and experiences more effectively and more broadly. Bonus – current fans recruit new fans!

The future of OTT is complex, but it’s also teeming with opportunity. Join us at the 2016 Nordic Media Summit in Copenhagen, where we take a look at the present and future. The Summit will feature a series of keynotes from Nordic service providers, major international providers, OTT players and research analysts who will address key issues facing the industry today and in the future, challenges and opportunities, new markets and technologies, international trends, how operators can meet the demands of the sophisticated consumers, the Future of Virtual Reality, niche OTT and much more… Register today for what’s being recognized as the most important event in the OTT calendar.

Download the Nordic Media Summit invitation including the NMS Agenda, speakers, venue information etc.