Webinar- Simplifying the Complexity in Internet TV

Providing your consumers with the right content on various devices is more perplexed than ever. Internet TV is revolutionizing the way TV is consumed and monetized. While technology modernism, distinct business models, and user behavior are transforming the industry, Internet TV services are taking off with increased rates of growth driven by more content, devices, subscribers, advertisers and improved infrastructure. At the same time, the technological complexity of building, maintaining, monetizing and scaling multiscreen Internet TV services is increasing drastically.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can simplify the complexity in Internet TV by automating complex workflows, creating flexible, future proof and end-user centric OTT & TVE solutions enabling you to maximize and optimize monetization of your premium content, differentiate your service, reduce churn, minimize platform TCO and create a exceptional and personalized TV experience across any device in multiple countries and regions.