Xstream partners with Cedexis

We’re pleased to announce that we’re entering a strategic partnership with CDN Load-balancing specialist, Cedexis. Cedexis technology will be implemented by Xstream and provide customers with improved availability, performance and control through real time Multi-CDN dynamic switching, and at the same time drive down platform TCO.

Integrating Cedexis technology into Xstream’s video management system, Xstream MediaMaker™, will enable operators and broadcasters to collect in real-time the key performance indicators of multiple CDNs. These include performance, costs and availability across multiple platforms (CDNs, Clouds, Data-Centres). Each customer can then adapt the activities of the origin servers according to its preferred quality-of-service and quality-of-experience strategy. The integration will free operators from the restrictions of using a single network, and increase the availability of their content and reduce the delays that arise from single CDN latency.

“Having a multi-CDN strategy should be a primary goal for video companies trying to reach higher availability and better resistance to traffic peaks and network outages, both for local and wider markets. Entering in a partnership with Xstream is a milestone for The Buffer Killer, Cedexis’s load balancing solutions on the online video field, and a great source of visibility over traffic, availability and performance,” stands Julien Coulon, Cedexis’s co-founder. “81% of internet users stop watching a video when there is a stream cut. Having the ability to move end-users between multiple CDNs in real-time will bring Xstream’s viewers lower rebuffering times and video start times, greater audience and longer viewing.”

“Our customer’s success is ours, and as such we’re thrilled to partner up with Cedexis” said Morten Soeger, Global Alliance Director at Xstream. “Our goal is to be on the forefront of technology solution enabling our customers to provide a consistent, superior user experience in today’s complex internet landscape – with an growing amount of online content, increasing number of devices and a multitude of global networks. The integrated Cedexis Openmix sends each end-user to the best platform in real-time, based on multiple criteria such as; CDN, Cloud, Server Performance as experienced by the end-user, minimize platform TCO, Geographies and configurations, 3rd party internal tool already in use”.

About Cedexis

Founded in 2009, Cedexis monitors and optimizes the performance of cloud-based Web and mobile applications. This enables Cedexis’ customers to improve their users’ experiences, and achieve 100% availability, while extending their reach into new global markets. With Cedexis Radar, enterprises gain unprecedented, real-time visibility into how cloud performance is impacting the real-user experience for their Web and mobile applications, in order to make informed decisions about their infrastructure providers. Cedexis Openmix leverages Radar insight, as well as real-time data sets from third-party sources, to provide automated and optimized traffic load balancing across mixed clouds, data centers and CDN topologies. This allows customers to match the best-performing resources with real-time demand. Cedexis is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and Paris, France with offices in San Francisco, CA, Chicago, IL and London, UK.