Reshape the future of Internet TV

OTT is revolutionizing the way TV is consumed and monetized, gone are the days when OTT was defined as any service that bypassed pay TV operators to deliver video direct to consumers. The opportunity to enhance and spark your Internet TV offering to generate new revenue streams and build market share is tremendous. No content owner or operator can afford to miss out on the tremendous opportunities OTT has to offer.

Powerful and Scalable Cloud solutions to any Internet TV industry

Flexible and innovative Internet TV solutions empowering operations, broadcasters, media companies and content owners to securely monetize content, reduce cost and churn, offer end-users a personalized and powerful viewing experience of live and on-demand content with unmatched scalability and flexibility.

Turnkey OTT Platform

Xstream MediaMaker™ comes with a wealth of features and out-of-box functionalities designed to empower operators, broadcasters, media companies and content owners to securely monetize their content, offer end-users a personalized and powerful viewing experience of live and on-demand content, to make content operations simpler and fully automated with unmatched scalability and flexibility resulting in reduced cost and churn, quality issues and time delays.

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