Webinar: OTT Supply Chain Demystified

Offering consumers the right content across multiple devices is essential for success. Managing the complexity of the OTT supply chain is challenging, with a growing amount of content, fragmented supply chain deliveries and continuously varying distributor requirements. Therefore content operations are often a problem area that is highly cost and time consuming with quality issues.

Watch this webinar to learn about how Lightbox, an OTT SVOD service by Spark New Zealand, solved the OTT supply chain challenges well. Without any existing studio relationships or media experience, Lightbox successfully created a flexible supply chain solution, getting fast to market with very lean content operations and minimum TCO. Lightbox use MediaMaker Loading Dock to aggregate, track fulfillment of and transform a large amount of assets with ease and minimum human resources.

The solution is very relevant for others than Lightbox. This webinar will explain how the approach can be applied in many other ways. For instance to bridge the gap between legacy STB/IPTV and OTT/ TV Everywhere as well as e.g. flexible automated asset transformation.

The MediaMaker Loading Dock solution is relevant for everyone. It is pre integrated with Xstream MediaMaker™, but applies equally well with other deployments, either in-house or 3rd party OTT and TV Everywhere deployments.

The webinar will explore the many challenge of the OTT supply chain, including:

  • Supporting high amount of content
  • Fragmented supply chain vendor deliveries
  • Continuously varying distributor requirements
  • Ensuring quality of assets. Video and metadata
  • Bridge gap between legacy STB/IPTV and OTT/ TVE
  • Screening and rating of assets for parental control
  • Cost and time spent managing assets and ingest